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Machine Teaching: A Gentle Introduction

November 17th, 2021 @ 2PM PST

Machine Teaching is a new approach to building better machine learning applications, faster by bringing SME's closer to the process by
separating the "teaching" information from the algorithm

Subject-matter-expert labeling remains one of the biggest bottlenecks in delivering impactful machine learning applications. Problem owners often lack the necessary engineering and/or data science skills to implement their own model. Machine Teaching workflows enable SME's to rapidly "teach" models through identifying the most valuable data on which to train on in a dynamic, interactive way.

Shayan Mohanty, CEO of Watchful, joins Hugo Bowne-Anderson, to discuss how machine teaching, a fundamentally transformative approach to human mediate machine intelligence, can be used to tackle your most valuable machine learning use cases. He will give a gentle introduction to the core concepts of Machine Teaching, as well as some examples of how Watchful employs this approach for developing machine learning models.